Healthcare is delivered in a holistic manner involving various professionals to get the patient enjoy quality life. Pharmacy Department is involved to provide pharmaceutical care to achieve the treatment goal(s) individualized to each patient. The MMH Pharmacy Team dispenses branded medicines and quality generics.

The Pharmacy Department has qualified and experienced team with a zeal to serve with excellence and cherish confidentiality. The Pharmacy department has quality policies and procedures that are also reviewed to capture the current best practices. The pharmacy team is innovative and perpetual learners to promote patient safety and timeliness in all our operations.

MMH pharmacies serve all patients i.e. cash patients, insurance and corporate clients. Casualty Pharmacy is open 24 hours throughout the year. The Pharmacy department is observing the current guidelines on COVID-19 as guided by the Ministry of Health.

Patient Experience

The Pharmacy department endeavours to ensure that you recover and get back to your normal daily activities. Medicines use instructions are given in simple language. Ask questions regarding your prescription. Pharmacy department values your feedback to continuously improve. Kindly fill the feedback form every time you visit the pharmacy.

MMH has four pharmacies in the Main hospital and seven medical centres. This enhance convenience and access to quality healthcare.

  • Outpatient Pharmacy
  • Inpatient Pharmacy
  • Consultants/Plaza Pharmacy
  • MCCC pharmacy (HIV/AIDS) free for enrolled patients

Medical centres

  • Karen Pharmacy
  • Shujaa Pharmacy
  • Westlands Pharmacy
  • Development house Pharmacy
  • Buruburu Pharmacy
  • Thika Pharmacy
  • TRM Pharmacy

MMH dispenses quality and affordable medicines in line with the Ethos of Sisters of Mercy of quality and affordable healthcare. When you choose MMH as your preferred healthcare provider, when you are unwell or for preventive care/travel vaccines, you also enable the Sisters of Mercy to continue supporting the under privileged in Kenya. Sisters of Mercy have schools, vocational training, rehabilitation, Sexual Gender based Violence (SGBV) activities, prevention of rheumatic heart disease and interventions.


  • Always inform the healthcare professional about allergies and medications you are using or recently used.
  • Take medicines as guided by the pharmacy team.
  • Do not share medicines
  • Store medicines away from children
  • Keep the medicines as guided by the storage conditions

For more information please call 020-653053/3163/3041, 020-6903053/3163/3041, and 0719073053/3163/3041