About Us

Short Story About Mater Misericordiae Hospital

Mater Misericordiae Hospital was opened in 1962 by the Sisters of Mercy, a Catholic Order of Nuns originating from Ireland, three years after registering themselves as the Registered Trustees of an entity under the Perpetual Succession Act (the succeeding legislation after independence).

Between 1972 and 1986 the hospital expanded in various ways;

  • Mater was chartered as a School of Midwifery
  • A consultant's block of 6 offices was opened enabling specialised consultants to practice on site and deliver significantly better medical skills to the patients.
  • The Hospital opened its own pharmacy, physiotherapy and laboratory services
  • Counselling centre for patient and staff commenced
  • A larger and more efficient Casualty, Accident and Emergency Department, an Intensive Care Unit and a Cardiac Unit where open-heart surgery is performed were opened.

Our Vision

The Preferred Provider of an Exceptional Healthcare Experience for All

Our Mission

To Deliver Exceptional, Compassionate and Christ-Centred Health Care Services to Our Clients through An Innovative, Engaged and Competent Workforce

Our Values

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Christ Centeredness
  • Excellence
  • Integrity

Philosophy of Healthcare

The Hospital in accordance with the philosophy of the Sisters of Mercy aims to reach out to all members of the community irrespective of race, colour or creed, to continue the healing ministry of the church and preserve the heritage of the Sisters of Mercy. As a non-profit institution the hospital seeks to provide the most modern facilities and health care to satisfy the needs of all the community by re-investing any surplus into the continuing mission of the Sisters of Mercy.

In accordance with this commitment, the Sisters of Mercy have set following healthcare philosophy:

  • To recognize sacredness of life from conception to death
  • To offer compassion for the sick, suffering and grieving
  • To recognize the dignity of worth of each person regardless of race, sex, creed or social status
  • To be concerned for social justice and poor
  • To recognize the unique position of the family in society, its central role in the promotion of holistic health, which we strive to enhance and support
  • To provide quality health care which acknowledges health in wholeness and which requires an openness to new ideas and developments
  • To treat members of staff with dignity and respect by providing an environment for good working relationships through personal approach and presence
  • To provide an approach to care which is faith centered, committed to the spiritual, physical and psychological wholeness of the person, and provides a channel through which the merciful healing love of Christ is transmitted